Introducing the DOITS problem solving methodology


Are you trying to use LEAN or SIx Sigma to transform your service or transactional business, but you feel it just keeps missing the mark?  

Do you start projects only to get mired in the methodology and then start again with the same methodology?

Do your projects move too slowly?  Are you under pressure to deliver results now?

Do your projects put too much focus on cost cutting over the needs of customers and employees?

Do you feel your projects don’t sustain results?  Do they fall apart as soon as you leave?

You need to learn about a new methodology specifically built for continuous BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION in service or transactional businesses.  This method is agile, built for our kind of business, and focuses on owners, employees, AND customers. It changes everything!

Do you keep hearing that LEAN or Six Sigma will work in your business model, but they aren’t quite hitting the mark.  The good news is that IT ISN’T YOU. You are not the reason that these methods aren’t quite working in your service or transactional business.  The methods you’re using are the problem.

It isn’t a problem with LEAN or Six Sigma specifically.  Both are great methodologies if used for what they were built for.  LEAN and Six Sigma were built to improve quality in manufacturing businesses.  They are really good at doing that. They were never built for business transformation.  They were never built for our types of business. Imagine it like this...say you need to move.  You could use a bicycle to move from one house to another, but there are better methods. For instance you could rent a truck or hire movers.  LEAN and Six Sigma are like a bicycle in this example. They’re great for something else and they can work, but they’re not the best method for the job at hand.

Why listen to me?

I am a LEAN/Six Sigma Master Black Belt and PMP who has been transforming service/transactional business processes for over a decade.  I have only ever worked in businesses like ours. I have never worked in manufacturing and I never intend to.

I have overseen major projects, programs, and portfolios designed to transform service/transactional business models.  I have adapted LEAN and Six Sigma to cut costs (over $40-million per year) without cutting staff. I have led innovation projects that are currently disrupting an industry using these adapted methods.  

My point is that I have delivered results in these roles.  I have been in the trenches for over a decade figuring out what works in our types of business and what does not.  I’ve formalized what I have learned into a new methodology for continuous business transformation. I’m getting ready to share them with the world.  Before I do that I need some help. I am not a perfect person. I believe that we’re smarter together than we are alone.

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I believe in starting with a vision.  My vision is to create a methodology that works in our types of business.  I’ve created the DOITS methodology and 12 core tenets.

The DOITS methodology:

D - Define: Clearly define the problem to be solved and the goal.  Why are we doing this? Why should we commit resources here rather than somewhere else?  What will we accomplish and how do we intend to get there.

O - Observe: Observe the problem where and when it exists.  Identify likely root causes, but don't get mired in unlikely candidates.  Capture data to support your beliefs, but don't stall the project in data-collection paralysis.

I - Improve/Innovate: develop several potential opportunities to improve the situation.  Select the best one and try it. It doesn't have to be only has to be better than before. Don't be afraid of turning the improvement into an innovation.  Many great businesses were started by solving a problem in an existing business!

T - Test:  Use the tools at your disposal to test the improvement against both the baseline and the goal.  If it didn't have the desired impact then return to the observe phase and try again. Fail fast but fail small.  Test to learn from every iteration.

S - Sustain and Scale:  Put the pieces in place so that you don't lose the improvement.  Ensure that the easiest path is the best path. Document what changed and WHY it changed.  Document why it worked. Document standard contingencies, but don't get mired in overplanning.  Lastly scale the improvement to the rest of the business.

The 12 core tenets of the DOITS Method:

  • Always start with Why

  • Luck, good or bad, is the result of preparation and opportunity.

  • The 40-70 rule.  Do not under plan, but do not over plan.

  • Disagree and commit

  • The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. - Socrates

  • Perfection is impossible, but the pursuit of perfection leads to greatness

  • You cannot finish what you do not start.

  • Adapt and overcome

  • Master the basics

  • Essentialism...simplicity is better than complexity

  • Not everything that should be measured can be measured; not everything that can be measured should be measured.

  • Everyone can add value if given the chance.

I am currently developing a master class in this methodology.  We deserve it, right? We deserve to have a methodology that consistently delivers results in our types of business!  If we’re to make this truly inclusive then I need your input.

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I’m putting the finishing touches on a master class called “How to continuously transform transactional/service-based businesses with the DOITS problem-solving methodology.”  I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out, so would you let me know your biggest question about transforming businesses like ours using this methodology? It could really be anything.  It might seem silly, but any question at all is great!

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In exchange for your advice you’ll get free access to my monthly newsletter, an invite to my DOITS group, AND FREE ACCESS to the master class that will be forming soon.  This master class will cost $2,997 in the future, but you’ll get special access to the class for FREE when you let me know your #1 question!

Are you ready to be part of this?  Signup for the DOITS Masterclass.