Transformation can take on many forms and mean many things

Recently at Dobai, LLC we had the opportunity to work with a wonderful couple that had recently started a new restaurant. The story of Dex’s Depot and founders Greg and Darcy Duncan is truly inspiring. We are happy to have been a small part of that story.

What is Continuous Business Transformation?

Continuous Business Transformation is the process and methods of aligning a strategic vision with reality. For founders Greg and Darcy that meant understanding their vision for what a restaurant meant to them and how they wanted to portray the public image of that restaurant. We then identified a gap between that vision and the current state of their business.

The result of that process is realized in their new website. It is the next evolution in the relentless pursuit of perfection. While it will never be perfect, this pursuit of perfection will lead to greatness.

Continuous Business Transformation Can Take on Many Forms

For some businesses continuous business transformation can mean redefining their brand, aligning their processes to deliver on innovation and strategic vision, and for others it can mean getting their website to reflect their personality.

We appreciate all feedback, but we are truly appreciative of the kind review left by Dex’s.

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