Harvard Business School Online - Disruptive Strategy Course - Week 1 Review

What is this course about?

This course was developed, according to Harvard Business School, to teach students how to “Harness the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Craft Winning Strategies.” Disruptive Strategy was developed by Professor Clayton Christensen who is the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

The course promises to equip students with “the skills and techniques needed to develop executive-level strategy.”

This guide is intended to describe my experience with this course and inform those interested about Harvard’s ability to deliver on that promise.

Week 1 - The promise

According to the publicly available syllabus the goal of the first module is to teach students how to align with innovation and strategy. The key take-aways are:

  • “Identify the three types of innovation and predict when they will happen “

  • “Harness disruption and position your business for new growth”

Week 1 - The reality

On the first day of class students are invited to join a Facebook group that includes all of the students in the cohort. Students started signing up immediately and were engaged on the platform. The networking opportunities that this group provided were worth the price of admission alone. Harvard has delivered more value on the first day of class than I paid in tuition. The students in the group were an amazing, eclectic, global, intelligent, motivated and accomplished bunch that are quick to share insights and drive thought forward.

The online course is set up very well. The tutorial provided and layout are hands-down the best I’ve seen in an online course. I had high expectations from Harvard for how an online learning environment should be set up and they exceeded those expectations.

The material covered was insightful and informative without carrying on unnecessarily. The course encourages and requires working with other students while working through the case study method that Harvard made famous.

Many online courses are little more than a rehash of a book that has already been written. I am happy to report that Harvard again exceeds expectations. The content not only delivered the key take-aways that were promised, they delivered them in a way that I could immediately apply to my business.

I am a better business strategist already after just the first week. I can’t wait see what is delivered in the coming weeks.

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