Celebrating the Vision of a Great Leader

Today in the United States, the third Monday in January, is set aside to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.


I enjoy stories of transformation and studying how leaders impact large, breakthrough changes. One of the most monumental leaders in history is MLK.

The more I study King the more I realize his genius. King realized something fundamental to transformation on a grand scale.

King realized the one of the most powerful forces a human has is a vision combined with bravery.

He knew the risk that he exposed himself to by sharing his vision. He moved forward despite the fear that likely came with that knowledge. He started that fear in the face and marched forward directly into it.

There is much that we can learn from King. Most notably we can learn how to have an impact on a grand scale.

First we must have a vision. We must be willing to communicate that vision despite the naysayers…despite those that will demean us because of what we believe.

We must also have bravery. There is nothing wrong with experiencing fear. Fear is a natural part of change that is uncontrollable. We can, however, control how we react to fear. We can…we must…choose bravery.

We will likely never face the choices that King had to make. Our fears will likely feel small in comparison to those that he faced.

So, get your vision out there. Find your followers by leading, not through title or position, but through vision. Share your vision with the same bravery and conviction that King displayed.

Join me in celebrating MLK.