Frustrated with continuous improvement in your service-based business?


Are you professional in a service-based business who is:

Responsible for improving you business?

Struggling to apply Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma in your service-based business?

Having difficulty sustaining results?

Dealing with uncertainty about the future?

Wants to be able to delegate more so you have more time?

Has too many projects and not enough results?

The reason most continuous improvement methods fail in service-based businesses is that they were designed for manufacturing.  They were built to improve the quality of widgets produced by machines.  Your service-based business is dependent on people NOT machines.  

Over 14-years of running continuous improvement projects in a service-based business I have developed the Infinite Improvement Model and the D.O.I.T.S. method based on what gets results in service-based businesses.  I am now sharing that knowledge with the world. 

I work with professionals in exclusively service-based businesses such as:

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belts(LSSGB)
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belts(LSSBB)
  • Performance Excellence Leaders (PEx)
  • Operational Excellence Leaders (OPEx)
  • Executives
  • Project Managers

The Infinite Improvement model and D.O.I.T.S. method adapt the methods proven to work in manufacturing for service-based businesses. This is a model and method proven to improve ROI, get executives engaged, excite employees, and thrill customers.

I have developed the Infinite Improvement Model and D.O.I.T.S. method using experiences gained from being in the trenches and from being responsible for RESULTS. As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and PMP with over 14-years of experience driving profit improvement in service-based businesses, I have seen what delivers real results. I'll unveil the secrets that deliver results in service-based businesses. 

Are you the type that seeks the "impossible" projects?  The one that steps up when others run?  The type that believes that we control our destiny in business and in life?

☛ Mark T. says, “Attila is a strategic innovator who can see creative solutions and narrow them down to the best options to move a team forward. But more importantly than that, he's selfless. He doesn't use his talented mind to advance a self-centered agenda, but to serve the people around him and to see others succeed.”
☛ Toddi N. says, “I am simply in awe of Attila’s adept and in-depth passion for teaching and implementing process improvement…I’ve learned more about Lean Six Sigma and Change Leadership than I learned in 10 years in manufacturing.”

I am dedicated to helping to bring economic prosperity to as many people as I can.  I have seen first hand, as a child in Detroit and Iowa, how crippling a profit only focus can be on a society.  In Detroit I grew up in the shadows of the ruined city.  In Iowa I watched as factories closed leaving despair in their wake.  I believed that there must be a way to avoid this fate for others.

I have found that better way.  The Infinite Improvement Model and D.O.I.T.S. method are designed to bring favorable outcomes to shareholders, employees, AND customers.  

Start by scheduling a free 15-minute getting to know you call. If I feel that I will be able to help you, we will continue our conversation on a longer discovery call to dive deeper into your specific situation.